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Name: Choosing Health
Author: Lynch
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 0321516184
ISBN-13: 978-0321516183


Business and Professional Communication 3rd Edition Beebe Mottet Test Bank Download

  • Title: Test Bank for Sociology 13th Edition by Macionis
  • Edition: 13th Edition
  • ISBN-10: 0205735746
  • ISBN-13: 978-0205735747

Seeing Sociology in Everyday Life

John Macionis shares his enthusiasm, excitement and teaching experience with a clear and engaging writing style that connects with students. Macionis’, Sociology, 13th edition is designed to help students see the relevance of the sociological theories and ideas that inform their own lives.

Four main themes are found throughout the text:

Seeing Sociology in Everyday Life

Social Diversity

Global Comparisons

Critical Thinking

The new edition has an innovate new design, contemporary and compelling student applications, plus a wealth of author-written and author-managed supplemental material. This revision elevates Sociology’s high standard of excellence, ensuring that it remains one of the foremost introductory sociology resources for students and instructors alike.


Name: Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management
Author: Linda D. Urden
Edition: 6th
ISBN-10: 0323057489
ISBN-13: 9780323057486


ISBN-10: 0073523224
ISBN-13: 978-0073523224

Baye and Prince’s bestselling Managerial Economics and Business Strategy provides a complete solution designed to help students use tools from intermediate microeconomics, game theory, and industrial organization to make sound managerial decisions. Now fully integrated within McGraw-Hill’s Connect Plus platform, the 8th edition provides instructors with new ways to assess student performance in the managerial economics course. Students benefit from LearnSmart’s adaptive learning modules, designed reinforce core concepts in each chapter. A range of print and digital formats combined with frontier research, inclusion of modern topics, and balanced coverage of traditional and modern microeconomics produce a new offering that is easier to teach from and more dynamic and engaging for students.


Name: Educating Exceptional Children
Author: Kirk
Edition: 13th
ISBN-10: 049591360X
ISBN-13: 978-0495913603


Title: International Economics

Edition: 14th Edition

ISBN-10: 1133947727

ISBN-13: 9781133947721


ISBN-10: 0135066034
ISBN-13: 9780135066034

Marketing: A Roadmap to Success offers a new direction for Principles of Marketing courses.  This innovative alternative to the traditional marketing text focuses on the strategic role of marketing and provides a roadmap for attaining success.  The concise, logical presentation and unique coverage of very current material gets students excited about marketing.


Title: Test Bank for Cybersecurity The Essential Body Of Knowledge 1st Edition Dan Shoemaker Download

Edition: 1st Edition

ISBN-10: 1435481690

ISBN-13: 978-1435481695


Name: Auditing and Assurance Services
Author: Louwers Ramsay Sinason
Edition: 6th
ISBN-10: 0077862341
ISBN-13: 978-0077862343


Name: Principles of Radiographic Imaging An Art and A Science
Author: Carlton
Edition: 5th
ISBN-10: 1439058725
ISBN-13: 978-1439058725


ISBN-10: 0133486885
ISBN-13: 9780133486889

Focus on student engagement through Real World exercises and applications.

The number-one question students of economics ask themselves is, “Why am I here, and will I ever use this?” Hubbard/O’Brien answers this question by demonstrating that real businesses use economics to make real decisions everyday. This is something all students can connect to, whether they’re business majors or not, because students encounter businesses in their daily lives.

By building from the specific example to the general case this text fosters student engagement. It delivers complete economics coverage using many fresh, lively, real-world examples from newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and professional journals from around the world.

  • Title: Test Bank for Alcamos Fundamentals of Microbiology 9th Edition by Pommerville
  • Edition: 9th Edition
  • ISBN-10: 076376258X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0763762582

The ninth edition of award-winning author Jeffrey Pommerville’s classic text provides nursing and allied health students with a firm foundation in microbiology, with an emphasis on human disease. An educator himself, Dr. Pommerville incorporates accessible, engaging pedagogical elements and student-friendly ancillaries to help students maximize their understanding and retention of key concepts. Ideal for the non-major, the ninth edition includes numerous updates and additions, including the latest disease data and statistics, new material on emerging disease outbreaks, an expanded use of concept maps, and may other pedagogical features. With an inviting “Learning Design” format and Study Smart notes to students, Alcamo’s Fundamentals of Microbiology, Ninth Edition ensures student success as they delve into the exciting world of microbiology.

Title: Test Bank for Chemical Principles, 7th Edition : Zumdahl Download

Edition: 7th Edition

ISBN-10: 1111580650

ISBN-13: 978-1111580650


Prescotts Principles of Microbiology 1st Edition Willey Sherwood Woolverton Test Bank Download


Name: Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing
Author: Linton
Edition: 5th
ISBN-10: 143771708X
ISBN-13: 978-1437717082

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